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Strap on your niche "X-ray glasses" and finally see where the real money is hidden!

Imagine having X-ray glasses, allowing you to uncover the weird, overlooked niches that are loaded with buyers and easy pickings for you. Imagine if you knew exactly what content and products to create in that niche, so you could make money from day one?

Forget expensive keyword tools, content
research tools, and curation tools...

They DON'T give you the full picture, they stress you out, they're way too expensive, and they completely clutter up your screen. Screw that. It's time for you to join the...

Niche Evolution

The "All-In-One" Niche Research Tool that
Turns a Single Keyword into a Highly
Profitable Niche Goldmine!

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Niche Evolution brings together every
niche research tool you'll ever need, all under one roof

Just enter a single keyword and instantly uncover red hot sub-niches that you never thought existed... plus all the ready-made content to quickly create info products, Kindle books, lead magnets, affiliate sites or ecommerce stores.

And that's just the beginning.


Here's how it works...Step 1 - Research

Brainstorm new niche ideas

Use the Brainstorming tool to unearth red hot, low competition micro niches from the world's biggest and best content websites and marketplaces, including Amazon Hot, Digg, Magazines, EHow and many more.

Enter a target keyword (e.g. "Dogs") and instantly unearth the content, book ideas, membership ideas and endless sub niches that are already in hot demand and making money.

Expand your search

Use the Market Research tool to quickly search over 16 different search engines and answer websites to uncover the most popular and in demand content in your newfound niche. Find expert blog posts, book contents, product modules, YouTube videos, monthly membership ideas, and more. Save hours of manual research, and uncover content from corners of the web that most people will never find!

Search like a boss

Use the Suggested Search Terms tool to expand your search across dozens of different types of content, from articles, to FAQs, to books, to photos, scripts, creative commons, webinars, software, tutorials, music, news and many more. Now you can find endless combinations of content that will eliminate writer's block and give you everything you need to create websites and products that people actually want to read and buy.

Find free content

Instantly search 12 free-to-use content libraries, packed with creative commons, license-free content that you can use to promote your new website, create products and lead-gen reports, turn into videos, and more. Save hours of content creation and let other experts give you their content for free! Use the Document Management tab to find documents, reports, books and products that other experts have created, so you know what people in your niche are already downloading!

Get fed

Use the RSS tool to get a constant feed of news, new content ideas and buzzing trends to keep ahead of the competition, keep your subscribers and buyers informed, and keep your website updated (which Google loves!)

Rapid keyword research

Choose from 8 different keyword analysis tools to find golden keywords with untapped competition (giving you easy SEO rankings and free traffic.) Pull data directly from Google, Keyword Spy, SEO book and more. Download your competitor's most profitable, high traffic keywords in any niche. Instantly discover tons of low competition keywords you can rank in Google for, plus bags of new content ideas too!

Find images

Use the Image Search tool to find high quality images for your blog posts, eBook covers, Kindle covers, banner ads, Facebook page banners and more. All images are available for commercial re-use, so you won't get dragged into court.

Search through thousands of high quality, beautiful images for your web sites and projects. Your projects will stand out from the rest and you'll never have to "fork out" your hard earned cash for costly stock images ever again. Now you can get every image you'll ever need for free!

See offers

Find affiliate offers in your new niche, so you can start making money, without creating products upfront. A great way to see how profitable your new niche really is!

Never be short of ideas for products to promote and instantly search Affiliate sites for the most relevant and best selling products in your new found niche...it really couldn't be any easier!

Find freelancers

Need help with your website, creating or editing content, or simply to file your taxes? Now you can find expert freelancers from the top 8 freelancing websites, straight from your Niche Evolution control panel.

Looking for low cost freelancers on Fiverr? Niche Evo returns results by keyword, just click and go...it's as simple as that!

Step 2 - Launch

Ping out

Ping your website to various feed websites to let search engines know you exist, and quickly begin indexing your website so that you can get found in the search results.

Grab a domain name

Instantly find available domain names that are relevant to your niche and chosen keywords. Niche Evolution searches GoDaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator and Nameboy right from your dashboard.

Find the domain names that your competitors would die for with our carefully selected tools. We make the domain selection process a breeze!


Use the Directory Submission tool to submit your website to dozens of directories, to get indexed and ranked faster. Directories give your website a little boost of backlink juice to help you climb up the search engine results.


Dive into various answer websites related to your keyword and niche, to pick up easy, free traffic from people asking for help in your niche. You can even use the free content you've found in Niche Evolution to answer their questions, with a link back to your website for them to find out more.

As other people see this question and your answer, you'll enjoy passive free traffic for months, and even years to come. You can also use these answer websites for further ideas on content and products for your website!


Find hundreds and thousands of blogs that allow comments in your niche, and that give you an SEO boosting backlink to your website when you leave your website link in your comment, on their blog!

Niche Research, Simplified

In the past, you'd have to purchase multiple tools and services to conduct niche research, and juggle dozens of tabs in your browser, trying to piece everything together the hard way. (And that's if you actually know how to do effective niche research in the first place.) Not anymore. With Niche Evolution, you're getting one simple tool that reveals everything you need to know about your niche...

All under one roof!

Accelerate your niche research, become an overnight expert, and get everything you need to research, create, and promote your websites and products, all under one roof.

Exposing six figure income opportunities, yours for the taking

Stop wasting time on fractured, confusing research. Find out exactly what niches to target, what to say, and what to sell, without risking a single second on guesswork.

With Niche Evolution, you're getting everything you need to know about your niche, from the niche to target, to content, to products, right inside your control panel.


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Niche Evolution

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  • No clunky software

    Unearth profitable niches, free content, product ideas and domain names, anywhere with an internet connection. No downloads, no hard drive clutter. It doesn't get easier than this.

  • Become an overnight expert

    Quickly become an expert in any niche, by uncovering the questions and answers your niche is looking for.

    Which means you can finally create information products that you know people want to buy... create websites that people want to visit... and bank cash from affiliate offers they want to buy.

  • No more writer's block!

    Niche Evolution handles all your research for you, so you can finally eliminate writer's block and have everything you need to create content people want to read, and products that people want to buy!

    Never again struggle for ideas for content for Social Media or for your web properties, from now on you'll have a powerhouse of information to draw from whenever you need it!

Just think what this means for you...

  • Why make life harder than it needs to be?

  • Why waste money on expensive research tools?

  • Or spend years spinning your wheels?

  • Why waste time and money creating content, websites and products that don't sell?

  • Now you can skip the guesswork, and know exactly what your new niche wants to read and buy, all under one roof!

You're Protected By Our100% 30 Day No Risk Guarantee!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We've carefully designed this product to make sure it works, every time, for anyone who uses it.

However, if for some weird reason you don't get thousands of sub-niches, content ideas, product ideas, and affiliate offer ideas that you can cash in on right now... and if you don't slash hours of research time and hundreds of dollars on expensive research tools that you don't even need...

... and if you don't become an overnight expert with endless ideas, and finally use our built promotional tools to launch your website to the world...

... or if you simply decide this isn't everything I've promised and more... then you are entitled to a full refund during your 30 day test-drive period.

No questions, no quibbles, no fine print.

The perfect tool for freelance writers too!

Let's face it, we all hate research.

And if you're a freelance writer, it's not just time consuming, but a real drain on your creative process too.

With Niche Evolution, research is a total breeze...

... which means you can quickly become an expert in your client's niche, and create content for them faster and easier than ever.

And that means more clients, faster turnaround times, and more cash in your pocket each day!

Awesome Earlybird Bonuses
For Fast Action Takers!!

The bonuses below are two unique SAAS tools that are a part of a $27 a month IM Software tools membership site. These are not your typical PLR offerings but part of a range of powerful software tools that have been developed in house. You will be given free access to these tools which offer your business incredible benefits.

Yes you read that right!...you are getting FREE ACCESS to 2 brand new software tools that we have never launched before...but we believe in over-delivering!

Bonus #1 - Sentinel
Advanced Early Warning

We live in worrying times as WordPress has become a major target for hackers. From one moment to the next, your site can be shut down. Your traffic and income are gone and all the energy, effort, time, and money you invested in your site is on the brink of being lost entirely.

Sentinel AEWS monitors all of your sites in real time for malicious content, hacking attempts, blacklisting and vulnerabilities. In the event of a problem you are notified by email about the issue, giving you the time to rectify the situation.

Bonus #2 - WP Spy -
Extreme Site Analysis

WP Spy is a new and powerful suite of tools for analyzing your websites and those of your competitors.

Learn everything you need to know about your websites and how they are performing. Examine backlinks, social shares,your search engine rankings, detailed graphical analysis and more. Use this SAAS tool for yourself or for clients. This is a really powerful suite of tools designed to give you a competitive edge.

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Niche Evolution Launch Deal

Unlimited searches Unlimited Research Unlimited Opportunities for LIFE!

Hurry, Price Increases In...

One-time payment. No monthly contracts.

$37 Monthly

Niche Evolution

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P.S - Life's too short to guess. The only way to succeed - and succeed fast - is to eliminate the guesswork and give yourself the best possible roadmap to success.

With Niche Evolution, we don't waste time with guesswork. We find the sub-niches that have little competition, the keywords to target for easy traffic, the content that your niche wants to read, and the products that are selling, so you can copy and paste your way to success too!

You can even use Niche Evolution to find re-usable content, so you don't have to start from scratch. And when you're ready to launch, simply use the built-in promotional tools to get your website found, and start bringing in free traffic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work on my Mac?
Absolutely! This is web-based software that will work on any operating system. If you can log onto the internet, you can use this!
Do I need any tech skills?
Not at all. This is "Click And Search". If you can browse the Internet then you can use our software...
Is this going to be like most software launches? Should I expect Niche Evo to stop working and be hung out to dry a few months down the road without support?
Absolutely not! One of the reasons we decided to offer Niche Evo as SaaS platform was so we could re-invest in it, and bring the features you want most, as well as provide updated versions of the software as required. Giving our customers superb customer support is our mission. We want to be around for the long-term, not just make a few bucks in a one-off launch and disappear for good.
Is there a recurring fee for Niche Evo?
Not during our special 5 day promotional launch, however once the launch has ended we will be charging a monthly subscription to new buyers.
Does Niche Evo have a guarantee?
Yes, we want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase of Niche Evo today. If for any reason you decide Niche Evo isn't for you, contact our support desk within 30 days of purchase and we'll cheerfully return your investment.

Niche Evolution Launch Deal

Unlimited searches Unlimited Research Unlimited Opportunities for LIFE!

Hurry, Price Increases In...

One-time payment. No monthly contracts.

$37 Monthly

Niche Evolution

Then we move to a monthly fee, Lock in your lifetime now